A different approach to floral arranging


View our tutorials here.  The aim isn’t to show you something you can recreate exactly but more to give you ideas or to prompt you to try ways of working you might not have considered. We try to be as sustainable as possible in our approach to floristry so we don’t use floral foam and we try to keep wire and tape to a minimum.  Here you’ll learn some different ways to arrange that will hopefully challenge your thinking.

We’d love your feedback as it helps us learn and grow so if you do have any comments please let us know by commenting under the video on our instagram page.

Repurposing a tired fresh bouquet into a dried bouquet.

How to take a tired fresh bouquet and repurpose it into a beautiful dried bouquet. View video here

Creating a mainly foliage based dried bouquet

For those times when you don’t have a lot of flowers, but you do have lots of lovely foliage.  View tutorial here.

Creating a woodland wreath

A whimsical wreath that looks like it could have grown that way.  See video here.

Creating a dried vase arrangement with movement

This arrangement utilises a criss crossing technique to arrange the stems without the need for floral foam.

See video here.

To show how different type of flora can be used in a dried arrangement.

Decorating a soft, whimsical wreath

A few tips on creating a delicate, wispy wreath without the use of tape, wire or glue.