Re-thinking floristry for flower lovers

The Flower School that’s not a flower school…


This is the beginnings of our online flower school.  And I use that term loosely because we’re not going to tell you to take 5 stems of this and 3 stems of that, the intention is for it to be a tool box of ideas and inspiration with a particular focus on the NZ market.  What we will do is showcase our approach to sustainability in floristry and demonstrate different alternatives to wire, tape and floral foam.


Why a flower school?

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a florist, but didn’t like the floristry I saw so didn’t become a florist – until much later in life when I kept gravitating back to the thing I always loved.  Picking and arranging flowers is in my blood, but always my way.  I never liked the idea of someone else telling me how it should be done.  Pointers I could take, helpful advice yes but four stems of this and two of that… it’s just not the way I work.  So I’m wondering if there are others out there who like me don’t want to be told how to create but would like support and advice with…

improving their designs

problem solving design issues

sustainable floristry

no floral foam vase arranging techniques

working towards your floristry dream


Get in touch with any questions or thoughts – I’m envisaging this will evolve over time but it’s a start!

We’ve posted a few tutorials on the following page so please do leave us some feedback.


Click on image to view tutorials

Picking diary

Click here to see what we are currently picking to use as fresh or to dry.

Floral tips

Want to be more sustainable in your floristry practices?  Click on the image for a few suggestions.