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  • Pay for as much or as little as you use
  • Bring your own flowers or use ours


A new kind of workshop

Once we’re allowed to resume workshops we’re wanting to trial this idea – so until then you can buy this as a ticket/voucher and we’ll let you know dates when we can.  You book a spot by paying the $25 entry fee which then goes toward the cost of your flowers.  You be the designer and decide what you want to create and we’ll be on hand to assist.  You can even bring in your own flowers or vase if you want, you don’t have to use ours – or you can mix and match and that’s fine too.  This is about giving you the tools and the space to make whatever floral creation you have in mind – whether it’s a bouquet, vase arrangement or a wreath – fresh or dried.  When you make the booking let us know what you’re thinking of doing so we have an idea of what to get out ready for you.  It’s an opportunity for you to come, chat, have a cuppa and muck about with flowers for a couple of hours.  We’ll be running this from 1-3pm on a Saturday afternoon and if the demand is there we may try it on a weekday evening too.

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