Inspired by the seasons

A time of reflection…

I absolutely love this little business of mine and working with flowers, but more and more I’ve realised how little attention many of those in the floral industry pay to the environment and the impact of their practices.  Spray painting flowers, using floral foam, plastic wraps and ribbon… but we’ve got away with it because people just assume they’re buying a natural product.  And it got me thinking about this flower school  idea I’ve had for a while – or as I call it “Not a flower school’.  Instead it’s rethinking floristry for flower lovers.  A place of support and advice for those on their path with a real focus on how to be a sustainable florist.  So we’re here being the change we want to see through using seasonal flowers, embracing sustainability and sharing our learnings and ways of working with others.  It is a work in progress though so take a look and send me your thoughts.

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Flowers from the garden

Ever since I can remember I have always picked flowers from the garden and have always, always wanted my own floral studio.  But growing up I wasn’t inspired and didn’t want to learn to be a catalogue florist.  So I became a journalist and then slowly found myself drawn back to flowers after burn out,  time spent studying Ikebana in Japan, kids and moving to a new town.  I got to a point where I knew I needed a life with flowers, done my way and so very slowly XOX grew.  Now what was started in my home has now moved to a larger studio providing everything from fresh and dried off the shelf bouquets, weddings and large scale dried flower installations.

Our style

Along with my assistants Krystle Rakatau and Giana Shilcock our mantra is to create wild, rustic florals that look like they’ve come from the garden.

Our style embraces the wild, natural beauty of the central plateau and our strength is in using foliage to create beautiful installations that look a part of the landscape, as though they have always grown there (and with minimal environmental impact).  We love hearing from you so do get in touch with any questions.


Kristen Somerville

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